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About Little Sun Yoga


Born from a love of yoga and a passion for little people

Establishing a personal practice in my early twenties, I have spent over a decade and many hours on my mat reflecting on how important the skills learnt there could benefit everyone.

Finally taking the leap a few years ago, I completed my 200hr Yoga Training with one of Australia‚Äôs most recognised studios, Powerliving Yoga in Fitzroy.
Following the birth of my second child, I combined my love of the practice and my new passion for children to train specifically to teach children's and teens yoga.

Out of this new found direction, Little Sun Yoga was established in early 2017.

Working closely with teachers and school leaders, Little Sun Yoga has designed structured, meaningful, school based courses for pre-school, primary and secondary school aged children. Addressing themes such as self confidence, mindfulness, body image, stress and anxiety, classes take a building block approach, allowing children to learn about, and feel the benefits of, a regular yoga practice throughout a school term.

Designed specifically with schools in mind, all lesson plans can be linked directly to the Victorian Curriculum.

Little Sun Yoga is passionate about empowering schools to support their students in achieving their best selves.Australias most repected studions,


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Designed as an introduction to the practice of yoga, the Foundation packages gradually introduces real yoga poses, basic breathing techniques, mindfulness and periods of reflection built up over the school term. The Foundation package is a fully developed program, which covers a range of themes and can impact students in a positive way, over a short period of time, for a minimum cost per student.  


Building on the Foundation package, the Bespoke package allows schools to workshop key themes most important within their school (or grade) and work with LSY to create a completely custom course for their school. These may include ideas around positive body image, kindness, community, self worth, inner strength and finding happiness.
All packages are developed and approved by schools and attract an initial development fee.

Staff Zen

At LSY we admire those who teach our children. Often the most hard working amongst us, and at times definitely the most stressed, we want to provide your staff 45 mins to refocus their minds and loosen up their bodies. Either before or after school (or at lunch time), staff are given a strong but flowing style of yoga to help blow out the tension and feel rejuvenated after a blissful long Savasana (rest). Either a term long offering or a once off, allow us to make your staff as happy an your students are going to be. 

Schools- Have Questions?


What size class does LSY work with?
We can accommodate any class size desired, working with smaller groups of special children with specific focuses or whole grades for an introduction to yoga. Smaller groups (less than 10 students) can work solely with our master facilitator while larger groups would best be supported by their classroom teachers assisting the master facilitator. 

What equipment do schools need to provide?
That is the beauty of yoga, schools don't need to invest in masses of equipment to implement a program. If schools have access to sports mats, these are a great way to define students spaces and aide is behavior management for the session. If schools do not have access to these, that's fine, just let us know and we can bring up to 25 mats along with us. 

What time is best for sessions?
'Best times' to practice yoga really does hinge on what else is happening within the class for the day. In brief, there is no 'best' time. At LSY we understand that during certain periods of the day children will be lacking energy and need to be energized or alternatively be rather excited and need some grounding. Before starting the term, LSY will discuss the requirements with each classroom teacher to best understand what else is happening in the class during the days they practice yoga and will tailor their session to suit this. At times this may require some energising games, at other times this may require a particularly long and relaxed mindful meditation session. Contact LSY and allow us to discuss further. 

What are the costs involved?
We really do just love teaching kids yoga so we try to keep our costs low! Its simple- $4 per child per class plus we ask that schools cover costs of printing for weekly work sheets and contribute to the cost of an end of term gift capped at $10 per child per term. 

Does Little Sun Yoga work in our area?
Currently focused on the Northern Melbourne Metro region, if your school falls outside of this zone, please contact us to discuss further. 

Do LSY hold Checks and Insurances?
LSY's Master Facilitator holds current Working With Children's checks and all registrations and insurances required through Yoga Australia. Copies of which will be provided upon request.


Contact Us

We know these programs are an investment for schools so Little Sun Yoga are keen to chat to help you make a good decision for your stduents. 

Call us, email us, we can happily answer all of those questions- and more!  

P: 0423 481 944